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Updated: Oct 31, 2020

This is first post of beglop trading. As the name of beglop suggests, we want to begin a business and develop. If we don't begin something, we never develop. Building business starts from setting up a deep and solid foundation. The more the person concentrates on foundation, the more successful he is.

No matter what we want to do, first we should know our beginning point. Then we start to build a foundation. To understand this look at the tower. First, the place of construction is defined, then by digging deep down the foundation is laid down. This foundation is reinforced by metal and concrete. Upon this strong foundation, a big and high building is built. The same is true for business and other facets of life. Without building foundation business is difficult.

To build the foundation of your business these questions should be asked and answered correctly:

1- What kind of business should I do? (This is like determining what kind of home you want to build? Residence home or business plaza?)

The Author of The Lean Start Up says "The critical first question for any lean transformation is: which activities create value and which are a form of waste? Once you understand this distinction, you can begin using lean techniques to drive out waste and increase the efficiency of the value-creating activities." The Lean Start Up-page 178

2-Do customers really want your products? (This is figuring out what customers need.)

3-What kind of problem your business is trying to solve? (Answering this question makes your business unique from other businesses.)

4-What kind of method should be applied? (This is just like asking ourselves how to build a home?) These are a few questions. You can add more.

We will continue...


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