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Bakery Machines

Description: Depending on bread production capacity it has different models. Accessories and other equipment such as mixer, volumetric dough divider and etc are available. Technical information can be given upon request.
Place of Origin: Turkey 

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Fiber Laser Metal Cutting Machine

Description: Cuts metal with high speed and precision. It has different model and types. Technical information can be given upon request.

Place of Origin: Turkey

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CNC Router

Description: Engraves and cuts wood

Place of Origin: Turkey


Dairy Processing Machines

Description: Pasteurizes and homogenizes raw milk, processes cheese and yoghurt with high quality. 

Place of origin: Turkey


Oxygen Generator

Description: Generates oxygen that used in hospitals.

Place of Origin: Europe


Agricultural Machinery

Description: In this category there many machines. Among these: Animal feed machines, tractor and etc. 

Place of origin: Turkey


Boxing Machines

Place Origin: Turkey


Stretch Wrapping Machines

Place of Origin: Turkey


Palletizing System 

Place of Origin: Europe

Still you don't find what you want? Choose from below lists:

Metal Working Machines

  • Bending Machines

  • Press Brakes

  • Guillotine shear

  • Punch Press

  • Plasm Cutting Machines

  • Cylinder Bending Machines

Construction Machinery

  • Concrete Machinery

Paper Production Machinery

Textile Machinery

Plastic and Rubber Machinery

Printing Machines

Packaging Machines


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