Kitchen Equipment



Description: These are different types of oven which can be used in kitchen. Upon request we can provide you with detailed information.

Place of Origin: Turkey


Cooking Stoves

Description: It can be used in hotel and household. It comes up with different capacity and power. You can choose from here: Click here 

Place of origin: Turkey


Coal fired shawarma machines

Description: It cooks chicken and meat. You can see its video from here. Click here. (In this video the meat is chopped by robot. But most of time the meat is chopped manually (by knife)).

Place of Origin: Turkey



Description: It is very good machine for freezing and protecting meat.

Place of Origin: Turkey

cake and pastry showcase.png

Cake & Pastry Showcase Units

Place of Origin: Turkey

Milky Product Cabinet with Motor.png

Milky Product Cabinet with Motor

Description: It keeps your milk safe and fresh. 

Place of Origin: Turkey

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