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Container Carrier

Description: It can carry 20ft-45ft container

Place of Origin: Turkey

Weighing Scale (Bridge)

Description: It is used to weigh cars and trucks.

Place of Origin: Turkey


Description: It is used to lift heavy materials. It can lift 2-7tons. It has different models depending on lifting weight.

Origin: Europe


Description: It is used for road construction.

Place of Origin: Turkey

Truck (Lorry)

Description: It can carry up to 8.5 tons. It can be designed in different ways depending on customers need. Minimum length: 5960mm, maximum length: 6930mm. 

Place of Origin: Turkey

Automobile Spare Parts

Description: This is single parts of automobile. There are thousand of spare parts. If you want buy high quality spare parts, we can help you.

Place of Origin: Turkey

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