About Us

Welcome to Beglop

Beglop is derived from the first three letters of "begin" and the last three letters of "develop" . To inspire ourselves and customers, we crafted this name. Let us begin right thing, we will develop together. The ways to development are:

-Choosing the right thing. In other words, beginning right work.

- Finding right tools or products

- Being connected to right person or company

Beglop strives to achieve these ingredients of success. Choose the right thing you want to buy, we do our best to connect you to the right person or company. 

As we are living in Turkey, we are in touch with high profile companies. If you are outside Turkey and want to buy products from Turkish company, you face two problems: 1-Finding real manufacturers. 2-Difficulty in contacting them. You may send them an email, but they may not reply to you on time. 

We solve these problems for you.